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Our Mission:

Holistic Safety.

We consider the “whole” person or “whole” business when providing service to communities. Emphasizing natural law, mindfulness, evidence-based practices, and innovation improving business legitimacy and enhancing customer service quality


Our Mission

Simultaneously investing in trainings, experiences, and education for the community alongside police professionals creating a holistic energy of legitimacy and trust.

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Our Impact

Mindful and Aware Thought Concepts (MAAT) believes synergy must flow in communities through relationship building, investment, and creative strategies. The MAAT model promotes communication, research, mindfulness, wellness, and training to both communities and police professionals. The “Starling Leadership” models reconfigures police/stakeholder synergy. The goal is build sustainable people in communities as well as building mindful agencies across the country.




Providing training to communities and police professionals on topics such as communication, trauma, racial-healing, and various preparedness trainings for citizens.




Creating spaces for resources to enhance wellness for communities and police professionals.




Address prevention from the concept of daily mindfulness practices.


Our Programs

Our models offer unique and community specific holistic safety catering. With research, mindfulness, and innovation, MAAT Concepts creates strategies to address community/business needs as well as police professional needs in a comprehensive experience.


Community Training

Provide community training empowering citizens with knowledge, strategies, and movement increasing trust and personal accountability in the community structure.


Weave daily mindfulness practices into business/agencies and create structures, collaboration opportunities, and implement the “turnkey for change” mindset in local communities.

police Professional training

Implement training on communication, trauma, and community engagement producing a robust infrastructure where officer safety starts with communication.


Create time, space, and/or opportunities to increase police professional wellness through various experiences improving functionality of agencies.


July 2018

MAAT Concepts empowered us with our community training and we are thankful for this company. We look forward to more trainings.

10,000 Fearless First Responders / Austin, Texas



Get Motivated

Providing a comprehensive community model is shifting mindsets. If you are motivated to experience Holistic Safety models, we are equally motivated to provide quality customer service to your community. Contact us for more information.


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Contact us about comprehensive community specific models.

Volunteer opportunities

Volunteers will be needed in various community projects. Check our upcoming events to decide if you can volunteer, and be placed on a volunteer list!

Make a Donation

MAAT Foundation, the nonprofit arm of the business provides free trainings to communities. Donations goes to space rentals, resources, and items needed for various trainings.