Our Vision

MAAT Concepts is dedicated to building holistic synergy around communities where citizens are empowered and officers are stakeholders invested in communities as well as personal wellness. The vision is creating self sustaining cities who internally problem solve, and build bridges outward to stakeholders such as police agencies who have dedicated energy to training professionals in mindfulness, wellness, and communication.



We Seek

We are looking for communities ready to think outside of the box, are open to innovation, and are willing to have conversations about research, police interactions, and sustainability. MAAT Concepts is the change agent, challenging status quo, learning from historical data, but utilizing new techniques for holistic integration. We want business owners, citizens, youth, police professionals, and all members of the community constantly interact thus building trust and legitimacy.


Data on Police Legitimacy

The public’s perceptions about the lawfulness and legitimacy of law enforcement are important criterion for judging policing in a democratic society. According to Jake Horowitz’ 2007 article “Making Every Encounter Count: Building Trust and Confidence in Police,” racial and ethnic minority perceptions that the police lack lawfulness and legitimacy, based largely on their interactions with the police, can lead to distrust of the police. MAAT Concepts uses historical data and the “21st Century Policing” report to frame models specific to communities and budgets with he goal of increasing police legitimacy, increasing officer wellness, and empowering community members.