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Our Mission

Our mission is to create unique holistic safety plans specific to the city we serve. Each city brings with it different culture, values, and citizens. MAAT Concepts conducts research on best practices, and caters holistic safety plans to each city using feedback and historical data. Improving synergy of communities increases trust amongst city officials and citizens as overt opportunities of knowledge sharing and training becomes the norm.


Community Training

"Community training empowers me to survive, and not be a victim. Although I know police response is necessary, self-defense training gives me the tools to survive until police arrive.”

— Cecilia, Community Member


Community Trust Begins With Community Investment.

Thinking outside the confinements of status quo police functions increases buy-in. When community investment occurs, police agencies and businesses invest in communities, the city creates a unique dynamic of resource sharing and empowerment. MAAT Concepts collaborates with businesses, stakeholders, and police agencies finding ways to to utilize data, natural law, “starling leaders”, and community experiences where people are holistically invested in outcomes. The compounding of community, business, and police professional investment produces a conduit of consistent buy-in.